Local civilian organization helping law enforcement agencies with next generation of recruits

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — As the attention around police has been tense over the past year and a half, one local organization, Police Exam Career Prep, is hoping to face the challenge head-on while recruiting the next generation of law enforcement officers.

The civilian organization announced today its partnership with the Monroe County Chiefs Association. Justin Collins, the founder, says this partnership will help strengthen his workforce development efforts for the next generation of police officers in our area.

“We’re looking for good people to come and be part of that next generation, but we know that next generation includes some changes and really changing how we operate and some things that we do," said Collins, founder of Police Exam Career Prep.

It is a job that is mentally emotionally and physically tolling, and Collins, who is an officer with the Rochester Police Department, knows what it takes to do the job. He wants to ensure the others know how to, also.

"it’s dealing with the community battling mental health issues, battling addiction; dealing with communities that are different than theirs – diverse cultures, different languages…things like that to really give someone a real, true piece of what they’re going to be experiencing in law enforcement," Collins said.

Founded nearly five years ago, Police Exam Career Prep has graduated over 70 candidates who have landed jobs within law enforcement and public safety. Daryous Macmillian is currently in this program

"Growing up, I always wanted to serve my community and just coming out the army, I know this is what I want to do," Macmillian said.

Macmillian and another classmate, Richard Bradshaw, have benefitted from the program’s objectives, and with the new partnership with the Monroe County Chiefs Association, they both feel their future is in good hands with the right mentorship, guidance and training.

"Meeting with the chiefs gives us the opportunity to get them to know our faces so when we come in for interviews they’ll be like, ‘hey, I remember you!’" Bradshaw said.

Collins hopes to recruit more next generation officers for the sake of our community.

"If we don’t have public safety, if we don’t have the community feeling safe each day and knowing that there’s someone they can call that can go in there and respond to a call when they’re in trouble and to look after them, then we’re going to be in trouble as a community.>

The Police Exam Career Prep is offering a free one-hour prep class at thePolice Academy this Sunday, Oct. 24. Space is limited for this event. If you are interested in attending, you can reserve your spot by calling or directly messaging (585) 734-9122.