Local Cuomo accuser reacts to probe’s findings

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Back in March, Sherry Vill accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of grabbing her face and kissing her without consent when he toured her flood-damaged home in 2017.

She explained her experience with the investigation and her interview with the Attorney General’s Office.

"The big word that was used was believed. A lot of times, some women are not believed. Like in my situation some people did not believe me,” Vill told News10NBC.

In the 168 page report done by the attorney general’s office, Vill was one of the 179 who was interviewed. She accused Cuomo of grabbing her face and kissing her without her consent in 2017.

She detailed her experience with the governor, and with the AG’s office during interviews.

"Other than the kisses, they were forced on me, and they were definitely unwanted," Vill said. "I went through the whole day with the Attorney General’s Office and they did make me feel very comfortable.”

Gov. Cuomo has repeatedly argued that he did not intend to harass anyone. And he doesn’t plan to resign. During a press conference Tuesday, President Joe Biden said he should.

"I’m sure that there were some embraces that were totally innocent but apparently the Attorney General decided that there were things that weren’t,” Biden said.

Vill didn’t hesitate when News10NBC asked her if Cuomo should resign.

“He should, but I don’t think he will without a fight,” Vill said.

Vill’s high-profile women’s rights attorney lawyer, Gloria Allred said this report is only the beginning.

"Now he is not being accountable, that’s maybe even worse than all the things he did, he is not taking responsibility because the end is not with this report,” Allred said.

Another local accuser, Ana Liss, director of Monroe County’s Planning and Development Department tweeted her reaction to the report. In the Tweet, she thanked her supporters, as well as some of the other women who came forward.

Liss accused the governor of inappropriate behavior in the workplace while she was an aide from 2013 to 2015.

Charlotte Bennett, who was the second accuser to come forward simply tweeted the word: "Resign".