Local educators and parents on school security after Texas school shooting

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Local educators and parents are looking closely at security at Rochester-area schools after Tuesday’s deadly shooting rampage in a Uvalde, Texas elementary school.

A few families are keeping their kids at home for now, while school leaders say they’re beefing up safety and bringing in law enforcement.

Sending the kids to school every day is, you know, that thought now crosses our mind,” admitted Christina Cavaleri of Penfield as she watched her son play baseball, “having to have to think about ‘what if something happens?’”

“Certainly we understand parents feeling afraid,” said Bo Wright, Rush-Henrietta School Superintendent and President of the Monroe county council of school Superintendents.

School administrators across Monroe county say they are taking extra steps to make schools more secure and more vigilant.

Even so, some families are holding back on sending their kids in.

“I can tell you, anecdotally, that here in Rush-Henrietta, we did have a small number of parents indicated to us that they were keeping children home, due to concerns around safety,” Wright said.

Between now and the end of the year, at least, Monroe schools will have a bigger, and more noticeable law enforcement presence, to provide safety, and reassure parents.

“I think that’s probably not a bad idea but I don’t think it’s necessary,” said Penfield mom Nicole Lott. “I think the kids are safe at our schools.“

“I’m good with law enforcement being a presence in the school,” said Dan Hillenbrand, another parent. “Sense of protection, you know.”

Wright said one big plus is the willingness of students to speak up if they see something wrong, an awareness administrators try to encourage.

“Our teachers and our community is going to be much more vigilant, to report issues like this, or report concerns,” Cavaleri said.

“Our students have had that, sort of, ingrained in them, the importance of stepping forward and saying something,” Wright agreed. “And we’re able to get out ahead of it, because of their vigilance.”