Lollypop Farm gives update on pregnant 9-month-old pig seized from Livingston County farm

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Lollypop Farm is seeking donations to help care for 40 animals seized from a Livingston County farm.

On Aug. 4, Lollypop Farm came to the aid of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office after they discovered 40 animals that were neglected and in critical need of care at a farm in Leicester.

Lollypop Farm took in six pigs, eighteen fowls, four dogs, five puppies, three rabbits, two rodents, a cat, and a calf. One of the six pigs was a 9-month-old pregnant potbelly pig.

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Lollypop Farms says they are concerned that a farm pig that she was housed with is the father. Farm pigs can grow anywhere between 300 to 1,000 pounds while potbellied pigs only grow to be 90 to 190 pounds.

For that reason, Lollypop Farm fears that the piglets may be too big for her to birth safely.

Lollypop Farm says they can already tell that the babies are giving her discomfort by her sloop in her back. For now, the staff are making her comfortable in a quiet stall all to herself and are pampering her with delicious grapes for treats.

The organization is seeking donations to help care for neglected animals like these.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office charged the owner responsible for these animals with failure to provide sustenance with possible additional charges pending, Lollypop Farm said.

If you witness any animal cruelty or neglect, you’re urged to call Lollypop Farm’s Animal Cruelty Hotline (585)223-6500.