Lottery sales agents ask for higher commission rate

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Lottery sales agents like convenience stores are asking for an updated commission rate.

Representatives from Rochester-area stores told News10NBC Friday the rate for lottery ticket sales is 6% and it was set back in 1977.

Stores also say lottery ticket sales facilitated more than $181 million to Monroe County school districts in 2021.

"We certainly will continue to support education through lottery ticket sales it’s certainly a part of what we do," said Quicklee’s Convenience Stores General Manager Brian Mongi. "It’s part of the fabric of our organization at this point. but we certainly need to have reviewed some of this lottery adjustment of 6% with is really shrinking for us."

Stores say a higher commission rate would help them retain employees.

They’re asking the state to include a change in the state budget.

The New York State Gaming Commission did respond to this, saying, "We have the greatest respect and appreciation for Lottery’s 15,000 agents, without whom the New York Lottery would not be as successful. Any change in the compensation must be carefully evaluated. While the percentage commission has not changed over years, the volume of play per transaction has substantially increased over time. Thus, an agent is likely realizing a greater margin per transaction than they have previously realized. Last year alone, the sale of Lottery tickets generated some $459 million in retailer commissions."