Loved ones gather to honor Brittanee Drexel after 7-years missing

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Heartbreak; it’s what family and friends of Brittanee Drexel have now been dealing with for seven years.

The news about Brittanee Drexel first came in 2009. That’s when the Chili teenager went missing while on spring break in Myrtle Beach.

Her loved ones came together at Davis Park in Chili to continue their fight to get answers on what happened to her.

“We’re holding on to the fact that we will find her, if not today, maybe tomorrow,” said Dawn Drexel, Brittanee’s mom.

“She was very energetic, outgoing. She was just a great person. Her smile light up the room. She was a very avid soccer player since the time she was 5.”

Brittanee used to play soccer at Davis Park in Chili before she vanished without a trace. On April 25, 2009, she snuck away to have fun with her friends at Myrtle Beach for spring break and no one has heard from her ever since.

“I went down there thinking I’d be closer to Brittanee, closer to the police in case something happened in Brittanee’s case,” said Dawn.

Brittany Marciano was in Myrtle Beach with her family when Drexel went there but they didn’t get to meet up. That could’ve been the last time she saw her friend.

“I was definitely in denial at first. What was really hard was going back to school that week after spring break going to lunch and she wasn’t there,” said Brittany Marciano.

Drexel’s family tells us police are looking into new technology that could help crack the case.

“Whenever we get a call, whenever I get a call from there it’s heartbreaking yet it gets your adrenaline going,” said Chad Drexel, Brittanee’s dad.

Even if they’ve been through seven years of getting no answers, Brittanee’s family and friends remain hopeful.

The Myrtle Beach Police are still looking for more information to help solve this case. If you know anything, they are asking you to call them: 843-918-1382.