Macedon Police: Woman facing charges after ‘confrontation’ with bus monitor over mask policy

MACEDON, N.Y. (WHEC)— Macedon Police say a woman is facing charges after they say she got in a fight with a bus monitor over masking on Friday, police say the fight started as an argument.

Police Chief John Colella said 35-year-old Laine Mulye was charged with second-degree harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. They say Mulye encouraged her child to punch the monitor during the fight.

Colella said the incident happened over the masking policies within the Gananda School District.

"Our policy since the summer has been that everyone on the bus needs to be masked – monitors, drivers, students, everyone needs to be masked unless they have an exemption that they’ve given us," said Superintendent Dr. Shawn Van Scoy. He could not share specific details about Mulye’s son, and Mulye’s attorney did not have proof of a mask exemption but did confirm that the child has autism, and claims the district was aware of his special needs.

"My client’s son is the only individual that rides this bus because of his special needs," said Mulye’s attorney Chad Hummel. "If they’re going to argue that they didn’t know that my client’s child should’ve been treated with kit gloves, they’re gonna be in for a rude awakening if they think that’s gonna fly."

Mulye was taken to the Wayne County Jail following an order of protection request. Van Scoy and Hummel have different takes on the actions of the bus monitor.

"She didn’t engage … she didn’t physically engage in any way, so we commend that," said Van Scoy. "She just reminded the student they needed to wear a mask. That seems pretty innocent."

Hummel believes the monitor acted differently.

"She was yelling at him that he had to get off the bus if he wasn’t gonna wear his mask, and you know, that’s where my client stepped in," said Hummel.

The district confirmed the incident in a letter to parents from Superintendent Shawn Van Scoy, saying the monitor was "simply doing their job." Mulye was not directly named in the letter. Van Scoy described the incident as a "physical and verbal confrontation.”

You can read an excerpt below:

"The safety of our students and our staff is our main priority, and we take it very seriously. We will support our staff in all measures concerning their safety. Our staff are hardworking, dedicated employees and it is inappropriate that anyone would physically engage with them while they are doing their job.

Under no circumstances should any of our staff members be physically or verbally attacked. As such, we fully supported our employees in contacting and filing a police report and will continue to help with any follow-up in the law enforcement investigation.

As a reminder, masking is required on buses and in school buildings for all students and staff members. A medical exemption for masking is honored and we do currently have a few of those in the district. Medical exemptions can only be honored if they are submitted to the district

.While none of us want to be dealing with COVID-19, the reality is that we still are. All of our efforts are in the best interest of the health and safety of our students and staff. We are stronger when we work together and we hope to move forward together."