Many take advantage of traveling maskless

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — One day after a federal judge struck down the nation’s mask mandate for most forms of mass transit, many people are taking full advantage of traveling maskless once again.

News10NBC talked to airline passengers and those riding local buses to hear how they feel about the new "mask option" for traveling.

"I feel better without it. I think it gives us a little more freedom to make up our own minds, and it just feels good," said Penfield resident Sally Delvecchio.

For the first time since masks were required for travel on all airlines, Delvecchio is taking her first "mask optional" flight to Florida. Caledonia resident Pamela Hussong is also traveling maskless, but bringing one just in case.

"I may put it on later if I feel I should, but like I say, I’m all for choice in things," said Hussong.

Other travelers we talked to wore their masks anyway, and have no plans to ditch them anytime soon.

Mary Cooney said, "I don’t want to get covid, and I don’t want to spread it if I have it. So I’ll wear it while I’m here in close quarters."

Mary Estey added, "I take every precaution I can when I’m in a crowd of people. I wear a mask. It’s a small thing to do."

Over at RTS, mostly everyone we saw, both passengers and employees continued to wear their masks in both the terminal or while riding on the bus.

"I think that we should be wearing our masks only because there might be more travelers not wearing their masks, and may still be sick," said Adriana Jackson. She continued, "So I think it’s best to keep our masks on, on the bus still."

Kier Toodenberger added, "It’s still always nice to be safe to always carry it just to be on the safe side of things, but it’s nice now that I do have that choice."