Maplewood YMCA hosts ‘Black Power Marketplace’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A Community Justice Initiative event called the “Black Power Marketplace” aimed to teach Black youth good business practices.

Teens ran some of the shopping stands set up at the Maplewood YMCA so they could learn business skills.

Tatiana Welch says the event also served as a bit of a boycott against corporate businesses, with organizers encouraging people to shop at their stands rather than the big-box stores.

"Let’s keep them where they’re at and bring the economics back to the community,” Welch said. “Those people aren’t helping us, those people aren’t doing what needs to be done in the community when we need it. The people that are in this room right now, they are giving back to the community while doing so."

Welch said the goal of the group is to mentor young people who want to start a business or get work experience in an effort to bring more jobs to the community.