Mayor Evans delivers statement on gun violence, calls for conference Thursday

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, RPD Chief Smith and violence prevention leaders will be at City Hall Thursday to address the city’s ongoing violence.

Evans says people in our city are shooting and killing each other over petty arguments—which leads to retaliation shootings—and the cycle continues.

The Mayor released this statement on Wednesday:

"The violence that we are witnessing can be summed up in two words: Depravity and cowardice.

A group of people in our city are shooting and killing each other over petty arguments because they lack the self-control required to settle their disputes peacefully. These shootings incite retaliatory shootings and the cycle continues until bodies are riddled with bullets and innocent bystanders are victimized.

Picking up a gun does not make someone tough or bold. Anyone can pull a trigger. A tough or bold person does not blindly fire a weapon into a crowd or house. In fact, relying on violence achieves just the opposite.

There is no courage, honor or status to be gained by shooting at another person. These are acts of depravity. These are acts of cowardice. Those who are perpetrating this violence are causing irreparable harm to themselves, their victims and the entire community.

Today, we are calling on Rochesterians to unite against these cowards. Let’s call these people what they truly are: Depraved cowards. Their reputations are not worth the lives of the people we love. Anyone who comes forward with information that could lead to an arrest and conviction is a true hero."

The news conference on Thursday is at 10 a.m in the City Hall atrium, 30 Church St.