Moderna wants to be first COVID vaccine for people under 6

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Moderna is trying to be the first company to mass-produce COVID-19 vaccines for children under the age of 5.

Doctors say since COVID-19 is not going away, this is one more implement in our defense against the virus.

There are roughly 18 million children nationwide who are under the age of 5. Doctors also reiterate that it’s been proven that vaccination is the best way to decrease the spread and keep people healthy.

All along children under the age of 2 were not required to wear a mask, leaving them exposed.

If, and when the Moderna vaccine is approved for this age group, one pediatrician tells us what parents should know when it comes to the best time to get them vaccinated.

"It depends on circumstances. If the child is at high risk because they have an underlying medical condition you know then I might say you know let’s go ahead with this you know when it’s approved for your age group. If there you know sort of not as any greater risk than any other child, then I would say okay let’s wait until you’ve reached the age that we know the covid vaccine has been tested and has been effective," said Rochester Regional Health’s Dr. Tracy Maier.

Doctors do suggest putting a mask on your unvaccinated toddler if they can handle wearing one for protection. A final decision on when the vaccine could be available is expected in June.