Monkeypox: NYS has more cases than any other state

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – New York State lawmakers are calling on the CDC for more Monkeypox vaccines. Right now, New York State has the highest number of Monkeypox cases in the United States.

As of Thursday night, the map says the empire state has 414 cases. That includes the case just confirmed here in Monroe County.
In a letter to the CDC, 48 state lawmakers are urging for an increase in the Monkeypox vaccine to get ahead of the virus. Local health officials said there was a low number available, but right now, aren’t urging people to rush out and get one.

"The purpose of the letter that we sent on behalf of the state senate and the state assembly to the CDC is really to ask for an equitable distribution in the vaccine,” said NYS Senator Jeremy Cooney, who was one of the 48 lawmakers to sign the letter.

If you scroll down the CDC’s case count website. The Empire State has double the number of Monkeypox cases than any other state, which has lawmakers pushing for vaccine supply.

"We’re seeing the rate increase across the country but in more metro areas like New York City,” Cooney said.

County health commissioner Dr. Michael Mendoza says with the patterns of current transmission, certain people are at high risk.

"Because of social networks and the patterns of exposure in the current outbreak this disease affects men who have sex with other men, so at this point in time we consider that population to be at higher risk,” Mendoza said during a press conference Thursday.

He says anyone who is susceptible can contract it: “Older adults, pregnant women, immune-compromised individuals and young children.”

Mendoza says he doesn’t want folks to panic, and that this is not another COVID-19 pandemic but there are symptoms to look out for—and from what we know—skin-to-skin contact is how it’s passed.

"People with Monkeypox infection usually have rashes, bumps or blisters on the genitals or other areas such as the face, the hands, or the feet. Some people can also experience flu-like symptoms like headaches or body aches which may develop even before the rash appears.”

The Biden administration has released 800,000 additional doses across the country. The Empire State is on the list, local lawmakers say they hope to get a quote "proportional share".