Monroe County legislation reducing theft of catalytic converters passes with bipartisan support

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A Monroe County law that focuses efforts to stop catalytic converter thefts passed with bipartisan support Tuesday night.

The law was sponsored by Republican County Legislators Karla Boyce and Paul Dondorfer, who worked with law enforcement to combat the uptick in catalytic converter thefts in our area.

The new law builds upon legislation passed by the County Legislature in 2013, which legislators say successfully curbed a rash of thefts caused by the quick profiting of valuable items at local pawn shops.

The new law includes the following to deter future thefts of catalytic converters:

  • Mandates cash payouts of scrapped catalytic converters are not disbursed until 14 days after the converter is delivered to a scrap yard.
  • Require scrap businesses to obtain copies of a valid driver’s license or other government-issued ID from individuals scrapping catalytic converters.
  • Requires scrap businesses to obtain copies of documentation proving ownership of any vehicle that has a catalytic converter scrapped, such as registration or vehicle title.
  • Requires any auto-body or mechanics shops to provide documentation that any catalytic converter being scrapped is from a vehicle that was serviced by that business, such as a copy of a receipt for work done.
  • Mandates scrap businesses keep the records of scrapped catalytic converters for no less than 3 years for law enforcement to follow up on investigations into stolen converters.
  • Increases fines and penalties for those caught and found guilty of committing a catalytic converter theft.