‘No’ leads most ballot propositions, but ‘yes’ has the lead on 2 and 5

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — New York State voters weighed in on five ballot propositions this year, though only four will impact the state as a whole.

As of Wednesday morning, "No" lead the way on props one, three, and four.

Proposition One would make several changes to districting and apportionment in New York State. The proposition would freeze the number of State Senators at 63. It would also change the counting process for the state’s population, including: Requiring the state to count residents, including people who are residents but not citizens and requiring that incarcerated people be counted at the place of their last residence for redistricting. As of Tuesday night, "No" had more votes.

New Yorkers are voting yes on Proposition Two, which would add a right to clean water, clean air, and a healthful environment to the New York Constitution‘s Bill of Rights.

Proposition Three would eliminate the state’s 10 day voter registration period. That change would open up the possibility of same-day voter registration. Critics have warned they believe that could open the door to voter fraud, whereas proponents believe it would strengthen democracy by making it easier and more accessible for people to vote. As of Tuesday night, "No" had more votes.

Proposition Four would allow any registered voter to vote by mail. Critics and proponents have said similar things about Prop Four as they have about Prop Three. As of Tuesday night, "No" had more votes.

Proposition Five called to expand the New York City Civil Court’s jurisdiction, allowing it to decide on lawsuits involving claims of up to $50,000, rather than the current threshold of $25,000. Voters are saying yes.

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