NY marijuana bill still awaiting signature from Gov. Hochul

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A bill was passed in the state legislature on Feb. 16 that would make it easier for people to grow marijuana. The problem? Governor Hochul still hasn’t signed it yet.

The bill would be very important for cannabis growers. In technical terms, it would allow them to apply for a temporary, conditional license for marijuana cultivation.

In other words, once the application is approved, they can grow adult-use recreational weed.

It’s no small venture either – the President of the Cannabis Association says there are about 200 hemp farms in New York state that could be eligible for the new license.

Those hemp farmers are eager to see the bill get passed. There is a growing concern among them that there might not be enough time to generate enough supply in order to meet demand down the road.

And even once the Governor signs it, it will still take months before growers can get their products out to buyers.

But the push for it to be signed right now is reasoned around the fact that seeds are usually planted in the spring, grown through the summer, and harvested in the fall.

Growers can begin planting the minute Gov. Hochul signs it and applications are approved, so the race against the marijuana growing season is on.