NYS Lawmakers react to SCOTUS Overturning Roe v. Wade

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle point out that this Supreme Court decision does not change anything here in New York. Abortion rights are protected here. However, Assemblymember Harry Bronson told News10NBC that this could be just the beginning of what he calls a rogue Supreme Court.

"The Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade is an alarming decision. It is disappointing, and quite frankly, it’s horrifying," said Bronson.

He says Friday’s decision shows the Supreme Court is "putting politics and their policy beliefs above what they should be doing which is truly interpreting the Constitution and considering the will of the American people."

Republican Senator George Borrello says Friday’s decision is about returning the abortion issue back to the states and letting them decide.

"I am pro-life, and we have had to live for the last 50 years with a decision that we know was outside of the purview of the Supreme Court," said Borrello. "That will change now, but here in New York State, unfortunately, it will not change anything when it comes to being able to get an abortion up until the moment of birth, which I find reprehensible. But it will not change because of this Supreme Court decision."

We should note abortions are legal in New York state up to 24 weeks of pregnancy or later if your health is at risk or your pregnancy will not survive.

Bronson also pointed out the concurring opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas. In it, Thomas called on the court to overrule past landmark decisions that legalized the right to obtain contraception, the right to same-sex intimacy, and the right to same-sex marriage.

"Justice Thomas in his concurring opinion basically has said we’re not going to stop at women. We’re coming after the gay community."

Bronson says this is the first time in history that a Supreme Court has repealed a right of an individual. He says that sets forth a dangerous precedent.

"This is a battle that I’ve often times said to young people around me, we fought these battles before and we won. You’re going to fight them all over again and it’s unfortunate," said Bronson.

Bronson says New York will welcome and help women from other states coming here for an abortion. The state has already set aside $35 million to expand abortion protections for patients and providers.