NYS Senate Republicans trying to stop gas tax hike

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A group of New York State Senate Republicans is trying to stop a controversial bill that would increase taxes on gas, saying the price at the pumps is high enough.

Back in April, News10NBC reported that the bill would have New Yorkers paying 55 cents more a gallon in taxes.

It would also increase taxes on natural gas and home heating oil by 26%.

Republicans not only want the bill stopped, they say prices are so high that they want the governor to freeze the current state gas tax too.

"New Yorkers are paying the ninth highest gas tax in the country," said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. "There is already word coming down that home heating prices are going to go up this winter by up to 33% here in Rochester."

Democrats who support an increase of the tax argue it’s to fight climate change.

They told us in the spring they are willing to work with the community to ensure no unnecessary burden is placed on hard-working New Yorkers.