Ogden, Pittsford opt-out of legal recreational marijuana

OGDEN, N.Y. (WHEC) — Two Rochester-area towns opted out of recreational marijuana sales and lounges Wednesday night.

The Ogden Town Board Wednesday voted unanimously to opt-out, a board member confirms.

The decision only pertains to the town limits. The Village of Spencerport still has to vote on whether it wants to opt-in or out.

It has until the end of the month to make the decision.

The Pittsford Town Board voted 3-2 to opt-out of marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption lounges, the town’s communications director confirmed. Like with Ogden/Spencerport, the village still needs to make its decision.

Localities that opt out of recreational marijuana sales will not receive tax revenue from recreational marijuana sales. They can opt back in later.

The Town of Gates has also voted to opt-out, whereas Irondequoit opted in. As of last Tuesday, 9% of New York communities had opted out.