Pet of the Week: Boots

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) – It’s time now for our Pet of the Week. Boots is a one-year-old with a big personality.

Boots isn’t sticking his tongue out at you on purpose, he had numerous teeth removed and can’t seem to hold his tongue in his mouth right now.

Boots, a one-year-old black and white cat, came to Lollypop Farm from a home that had too many pets. Boots has been evaluated by Lollypop Farm veterinary staff a few times already in his short stay with us. Boots was treated for ear mites on initial evaluation. He also had a polyp that needed to be removed in his throat. A polyp is an extra piece of tissue that can grow within the body which may or may not cause issues for the pet. Since Boots had a polyp in his airway, it was removed.

Most recently, Boots needed to have all his teeth removed. Sometimes, dental disease in pets progresses to the point where the best option is to remove the teeth. Boots is being given pain medication to help after his extractions, and removing those diseased teeth also provided a big pain relief for Boots. Pets without teeth do very well, and Boots seems to be enjoying his wet food only diet.

If you want to meet Boots and take her home, visit her bio on Lollypop Farm for more details.