Pet of the Week: Meet Milo!

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)— Meet Milo!! He’s very enthusiastic, has a bunch of energy and loves attention from friends. He is very nervous about new people but once he’s warmed up, he is a goofy pup who just wants to spend lots of time with you.

Milo would really love to live in a quiet, adult-only household, and since he is also a very energetic and big guy, he would do best with other dogs his size and should meet them before going home because sometimes, he can be "a bit too much" for new friends. Cats are a bit too exciting for him, and he enjoys chasing them.

As such, he needs some help with basic obedience and impulse control. He’ll also need help with being introduced to new people and experiences slowly so each one is a good one!

He will need several meetings with a potential family before going home. It takes some time to be able to trust people. He hopes you understand. Please schedule a meeting with him on a beautiful day through

His adoption fee has been waived.