‘Please put it out! Put it out!’ Desperate tenant says she can’t get precious photos after apartment fire

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — "Please put it out! Put it out!" Tina Loucks pleaded three weeks ago as her cell phone recorded the fire destroying her apartment building.

I met her back at the apartment in Gananda today.

"It’s horrible," she said. "It’s devastating. It’s sad."

Loucks says there are precious things to her inside her apartment, on the other side of a snow fence with no trespassing signs.

Photos of her late father.

Ashes of her late cat.

But even though it’s been three weeks and the fire was ruled accidental, Loucks and her neighbors can’t get into the property to retrieve their belongings.

"All we’re asking is for somebody to be human and help us," Loucks said. "Help us regain the property that can be saved."

Brean: "When you ask to get inside to get your stuff, what response do you get?"

Tina Loucks: "You’re denied for safety reasons."

There is a large red sign attached to the apartment block which is a symbol that Wayne County fire officials say the building is unsafe.

So, I reached the vice president of the company that manages this complex. She lives in Boston.

"For safety purposes, we can’t just let anyone go in," said Wanda Rubin, Vice President of Housing Management Resources.

"Unfortunately it’s a horrible, horrible thing."

Rubin said the company is trying to find a contractor approved by the insurance companies to go in and get the items that people like Loucks want.

Brean: "What’s your best guess? In the next week? Next couple of days?"

Rubin, Housing Management Resources: "I am hoping within the next two weeks."

I texted that news to Loucks. She replied, "Actions speak louder than words and so far that’s all we’ve had is just words and sometimes it’s all different stories, so who knows what to believe anymore."

The Town of Macedon says it’s ready to work with whatever contractor the company picks.

I asked Loucks to let me know when she and her neighbors get their property.

I read the investigation report. It says the fire started with a burning cigarette left on a porch.