Popular Webster pub closes after almost 40 years

WESBTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – A popular Webster pub is closing for good, but not by choice.

It’s the last call here at the Bayside Pub. It’s been a community treasure for about 40 years, but it is also collateral damage for a big town project. Patrons gathered Saturday evening for a trip down memory lane.

"It’s surreal for sure and also painful to see that it’s been such a popular place for so long," said Robert Buono, owner of Bayside Pub. "Here we are coming to an end, and not by our accord but by others."

Saturday night was one of the last chapters for the pub. Employees and lifelong customers are feeling the loss of such a special place.

"Stuff like this…22 years it’s still staying up there. This guy carried this lumber on his shoulders across the lake," said Brad Pfrommer, a lifelong friend of the pub.

"Part-time, this guy marries people here at the Bayside. He did their wedding here," Buono added.

The Bayside Pub will be demolished as part of an $11.1 million town-led project to prevent future flooding near Lake Road and revamp the 12-acre sandbar park, where Bayside currently sits

"Bayside Bub 2024 – we’re going all in, we’re going for success," Buono said.

The owner of the pub says the rest of the pub’s story is still unwritten, and they aren’t giving up. The Town of Webster sent out a letter requesting applications for what to do with the property. Bayside says it’s ready for the competition.

"It’s a little disheartening because we’ve built such a strong business here, and now we have to fight to stay here again," Buono said.

Winning the proposal is the first hurdle, but Bayside is staying positive.

"Whoever wins the proposal has to do the build-out. Our estimations right now without putting a pencil to it is somewhere between $500-$600,000 for a build-out," Buono added.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to come out tonight, the pub will be open Sunday for one last time.