Rep. Katko expresses support for computer chip production bill

WASHINGTON (WHEC) — The U.S. Senate approved a massive deal aimed on Wednesday aimed at boosting domestic production of computer chips.

Now, it heads to the House and one local congressional representative is calling for its passage.

Congressman John Katko, who represents Wayne, Onondaga, and Cayuga counties, said the bill presents an opportunity to invest in American manufacturing. He said it also addresses significant national security concerns in military tech and weapons that require semiconductor chips.

The republican highlighted the impact the bill would have.

“For my district in Central New York, this legislation has the potential to pave the way for some of the largest investments in advanced manufacturing in our nation’s history,” Katko said.

The package, Chips-Plus, includes more than $50 billion in subsidies for domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research. It includes billions more in authorizations for science and research programs, as well as regional technology hubs around the country.