Report: Sweet potatoes with marshmallows ranked as most popular Thanksgiving side dish in New York

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — "How do you like them potatoes?" With just weeks to go before Thanksgiving, a new study shows turkey isn’t the most post popular star of the meal: It’s the sides. And, in New York, the king of sides is the sweet potato pie with marshmallows.

According to a Google Trend analysis by career website Zippia, the sweet side dish won out as the favorite across the state, joining Alabama as the only other state to give sweet potatoes a nod.


  • 15: The number of states selecting some form of potato-based favorite
  • 9: The number of states to select "mashed potatoes" as the favorite (most by any dish)
  • 6: The number of states that selected some sort of bread as the favorite (second-most)
  • 1: State which selected fruit salad… North Dakota

Of course, we all know what people are asking/looking for… Grandma Brown’s baked beans.