Residents of Livonia clean up day after damaging storm

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — A storm toppled trees on Thursday evening, many of them landing on power lines, cutting electricity to thousands of residents.

The outages prompted the Geneseo School District to cancel classes at all of its schools this morning.

Clean-up efforts are happening all over Livonia as homeowners still talk about the storm that blew through the town. Michelle Wegener and her family had a huge tree fall on their East Lake Road property. While a chainsaw was used to cut the tree up in pieces, she’s been clearing branches.

"We worked yesterday from about 4:30 to about 10 o’clock at night cleaning the tree that fell. My neighbor’s tree fell on my property. Landed on the fence, the playset, the pool," Wegener said.

Wegener lives right on Conesus Lake.

"We were more fortunate than a lot of my neighbors whose docks were ripped out, boats were flipped over. Up the road trees fell on homes destroying them," Wegener said.

Nearby, we found one utility crew from one electric company working on the power lines.

"We’re just helping out you know clear the lines and get everything sound so that the line guys can get the power on as soon as possible," said MacCoy Shine of O’Connell Electric.

Although hundreds were still without power on Friday morning, others like Kathy Barnhart are lucky.

"Very much so cause you’re thinking about everything in your refrigerator, freezer, and you know you can’t see anything in the middle of the night," Barnhart said.

Barnhart tells us one good thing came out of this storm.

"Our little community down her all came together and you know got the chainsaws out, you know everybody hauled their you know branches and stuff into our little park there. good people down here trying to help everybody out," she said.

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