Restaurants affected by Friday night protests voice support for protestors

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Three restaurants that were affected by Friday night’s protests over the death of Daniel Prude released statements on Saturday acknowledging they did have some property damage while voicing support for the peaceful protestors.

The three nearly-identical statements on Instagram from Swan Dive, Ox and Stone, and Daily Refresher read like this:

"Despite what videos might depict, we lost some glassware last night. You can not deny the anger and hurt our community is feeling right now. As always, the actions of a few agitators are amplified louder and louder as videos are shared and conclusions are drawn. We, now and always, stand with those standing against injustice.

Stay safe. Listen. Love.

Ever better."

While some of the restaurants were closed to the public Saturday night, Axes and Ales planned to remain open.

“I don’t think the protests are likely to cause any real damage or violence to property here unless they’re provoked in some way,” Jason Sager, a bartender at Axes and Ales. said. “That’s been my experience with this group is they really don’t want to cause any more trouble than they’re being given themselves.”

However, Sager says if there are any safety issues moving forward, they have a plan in place to evacuate customers and staff.

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