Rochester-area ZIP code makes’s hottest list

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — One of’s "2021 Hottest ZIP Codes" is in the Rochester area.

The resource lists 10 ZIP codes around the U.S. based on market demand and by the number of days a listing remains active on

The 14617 West Irondequoit ZIP code is number two on the list. says the number of viewers per property is up 112% year over year and listings stay active for around six days.

On the top of the list was 80916 in Colorado Springs, and West Irondequoit outperformed 01960 in Peabody, Massachusetts and 03103 in Manchester, New Hampshire among others.

Also noteworthy, West Irondequoit had the cheapest median listing price of all the ZIP codes on the list at $175,000. In comparison, the next lowest is 43228 in Lincoln Village, Ohio at $235,000.