Rochester City School District hiring, holding job fairs for fall semester

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — The Rochester City School District has been holding open interviews all summer and is looking for several of the same positions now that they had to reduce last year because of the pandemic.

They have been holding multiple job fairs and the director of recruitment told News10NBC so far they are happy with the turnout and hope to get future employees up to speed for the fall semester.

“I’m here for a job to get me a job, the pandemic messed everything up,” Sherell Lewis said.

Lewis said she’s ready to get back into the workforce after a long year navigating through the pandemic.

She worked as a bus monitor for Monroe Transportation and is now hoping to get into the district to make a difference in students’ lives.

“I love kids,” Lewis said. “I deal with a lot of kids, I have a lot of kids so that’s what it is.”

Tiajah Cowart worked at RCSD pre-pandemic and says she’s ready to come back.

“They’re struggling but I feel like it would be a good opportunity for me to get back in during the pandemic because they are looking for a lot of people and my son goes to school and I would like to be able to help him throughout the year and have a little knowledge myself,” Cowart said.

Like many schools, the district is looking for clerical, food service, transportation, safety and security, and custodial with new employees starting at $15 an hour.

RCSD Director or Recruitment Nicole Viggiano estimates they are conservatively about 60% staffed.

“Obviously there’s a ripple effect so the more staff we have the better and more comprehensive services we’re able to provide but we’re confident we will be able to provide a solid opening for our students,” Viggiano said.

Viggiano said they need to get the people that they do hire trained and up to speed quickly.

“I have every confidence that our operational leaders are able to do that we have probably one of the most seasoned and best staff that’s out there that’s fully capable of doing this and it’s just a matter of getting our staff in the door and ready to go,” Viggiano said.

“Going back it gives me a chance to get out the house get the kids to get out and be around people and get more social again,” Cowhart said.

Viggiano says she’s confident students won’t suffer even if they’re not up to 100%.

If you are interested in any of the positions but don’t want to apply in person, you can apply online.