Rochester gas prices last week were higher than Buffalo, Syracuse, and NYC

ROCHESTER N.Y. – Average gas prices in Rochester remain unchanged compared to a week ago but are still $0.59 per gallon higher than last month.

Last week’s average price was $4.37 per gallon, based on GasBuddys’ survey of 319 Rochester Gas stations released Monday. That price is 5 cents higher than Syracuse and 3 cents higher than Buffalo and New York City.

Rochester also had higher prices than the national average from March 20 to 27, which was $4.23 per gallon. The cheapest station in Rochester was $4.09 per gallon, recorded on Sunday, while the cheapest in the state was $0.24 lower.

The U.S. ban on Russian oil may still be contributing to higher gas prices, which News10NBC reported earlier this month. The website has a link to the cheapest gas prices in Rochester, according to GasBuddys.