Rochester Mayor Malik Evans speaks on illegal gun problem in community

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC)—Mayor Malik Evans, says there is a serious illegal gun problem in the community. He held a press conference Sunday after two people were shot and killed on State Street early Sunday morning.

Evans has been in office for about 73 days. He says in that time Rochester police have taken 124 guns off the streets. But there’s still a long way to go.

"I can deploy our Pathways to Peace workers, we have rec centers, we have our police department, but that alone won’t solve this problem,” Evans said.

Mayor Evans says he’s devastated over the level of violence in Rochester. He says there needs to be prevention, and the community needs to help.

"We all have a responsibility to keep our community safe, and all the answers are not going to come from city hall they’re going to come from the community working together to put a stop to this nonsense to this fratricide and that’s how we’ll see change.”

Victor Saunders, the advisor on violence prevention under Evans administration addressed the recent violence as well as homes being collateral damage during fire fights.

"Please stop shooting at occupied dwellings with kids and grandparents in them, that doesn’t make you a "G”,” Saunders said.

Evans says he urges people, at any age to take the help and resources available if they need it. He says he’s continuing to work with the community to provide career opportunities. The "Summer of Opportunity Program" for younger people is underway.

"To make sure there is opportunity for those on probation as well, to get jobs this summer. In our r centers we will have a plethora of activities, and programs that can keep you in engaging opportunities through the year,” Commissioner of the Department of Recreation and Human Services, Dr. Shirley Green added.

Mayor Evans says 11 pathways to peace workers will be deployed inside the Rochester city school district. He says he has a meeting this week with other federal partners to address illegal guns.