Rochester Mayor responds to RPD/EMT video

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – A Rochester Police investigator has been put on desk duty following an altercation with an EMT outside and inside the emergency department at Strong Memorial Hospital.

The investigator’s car was parked in the ambulance bay in front of the emergency room when an EMT hit it while opening her door to unload a patient. Sources tell News10NBC the investigator insisted on getting her identification, she insisted on bringing the patient inside first.

Here’s what unfolded from there.

Sources tell News10NBC the EMT was treated for minor injuries. Rochester Police Chief Dave Smith says an internal investigation is underway and the detective is currently assigned to administrative duties.

On Friday, News10NBC Investigative Reporter Jennifer Lewke tried to speak with Rochester Mayor Malik Evans about the incident. He reluctantly agreed.

Mayor Evans– Instead of going in there and watching the thing, you’re not doing that. What’s your question, what’s your question? What’s your question for me?

Jennifer Lewke – Excuse me, Mayor with all due respect, I have a story set-up with them afterwards to do a walk-through, to talk with people about it, to do an interview with the OASIS commissioner so, I am covering this story.

Mayor Evans – Good, good, good.

Jennifer Lewke – There’s other another huge story happening in our community right now, have you seen the video?

Mayor Evans – Um, I have not seen the video yet but I’ve heard about it, I’m talking with the chief today and we’re going to handle that.

Jennifer Lewke – How so?

Mayor Evans – We’re going to handle that. Right now, there’s an internal investigation that I know the chief is working on but as I said, we expect professionalism, we’re going to have professionalism and I look forward to talking to the Chief about how we’re going to move forward, next steps on this.

Mayor’s Aide – That will be all ma’am, that’ll be all.

Jennifer Lewke – Are you meeting with the Chief today?

Mayor Evans – I talk to the chief every day.