Rochester’s gas prices show downward trend but remain higher than a month ago

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) – Average gas prices in Rochester fell by 2.8 cents this week but still remain $1.49 per gallon more than a year ago. For the past three weeks, Rochester’s prices have either fallen or remained steady.

This week’s average price in Rochester was $4.34 per gallon, based on GasBuddy’s survey released on Monday of 319 Rochester area stations. The cheapest gas price recorded in Rochester this week was $3.95 per gallon on Sunday, while the most expensive was more than $0.65 per gallon higher.

Like last week, gas prices were lower in Buffalo, Syracuse, and New York City. Prices in Syracuse this week were 5 cents cheaper than in Rochester. Gas prices in Rochester also remain higher than the national average, which was $4.17 per gallon.

Nationally, gas prices have seen a downward trend since early March, but have skyrocketed since mid-January, showed a chart from GasBuddy.

News10NBC reported that the ban on Russian oil in the U.S. is contributing to higher prices. The website has links to the cheapest gas prices in Rochester, according to GasBuddy.