Siena College Poll: 80% respondents say that racism is a significant challenge in Rochester

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) — Around 80% of Monroe County residents say that racism is a significant challenge for African American, Hispanic, and Asian residents of the county. That’s according to a poll from Siena College Research Institute released on Tuesday.

The poll examined the quality of life in the Rochester area, including opinions about the impacts of racism. The Rochester Area Community Foundation and the Democrat and Chronicle commissioned the survey, which is the fourth of its kind since 2012.

Some survey topics included police relations with citizens, economic opportunity, and the responsiveness of local government.

One question asked participants if they’ve been recently treated unfairly within the year 2021 because of their race or personal characteristics. 22% of respondents said "Yes" and out of those 40% said the incident occurred at the workplace. Of American American county residents, 45% of respondents said they’ve been treated unfairly, while that number was 35% for Hispanic residents.

The Rochester Area Community Foundation said the poll, conducted every three years, informs their initiatives to create an equitable community.

“Monroe County residents increasingly recognize the impact of discrimination on their neighbors,” said Jennifer Leonard, president of the Community Foundation.

Out of the respondents, 68% said they agreed with directing funding to benefit neighborhoods where the housing market has been adversely affected by discriminatory policies. In addition, 65% said there should be more instruction in public schools about the history of discrimination in Rochester.

The survey had 23 questions. Each question was broken down into the categories of race, gender, age group, income level, and religion of the respondents. The complete results are available below.

Siena Poll quality of life in the Rochester area by Evangelos Bourtis on Scribd