Skating champion Scott Hamilton in Rochester for ‘Celebration of Aging’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton was in Rochester Thursday to speak at Lifespan’s "Celebration of Aging" at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

Hamilton spoke about why this was an important cause for him, and how he maintains his unbreakable positive outlook.

"Knowing that we have so many days… how are we going to live them? You know, like today is one of your days. What are you gonna do today that gives it weight, or impact, or importance, or joy?"

Getting older. It’s unavoidable. And Hamilton is embracing it to the fullest.

"Life is precious, and life is, you know, we’re here for a minute… you know, what are we gonna do in our time, and so today is one of those days where I get to celebrate life."

Thursday’s luncheon wasn’t just a celebration of people aging, it also marked a milestone for Lifespan: 50 years of service to our community… a celebration that was delayed two years because of the pandemic.

"it’s pretty remarkable that I got to be here for this year and how sometimes delays are okay, but yeah it’s just wonderful as someone who’s been around for a while to work with lifespan and to be part of this gigantic gathering."

About 1,000 people came to hear Hamilton speak. One of the things he discussed? The times he’s fallen throughout his life, on and off the ice, and more importantly, the times he’s gotten back up.

"I joke that I collect life-threatening illness, you know, I’ve had cancer and a few brain tumors. And I had that childhood illness and it’s just funny how, you know, when you look at our lives our bodies are incredibly fragile and very susceptible to countless things, but also equally resilient, but ultimately temporary."

It’s hard not to smile hearing Scott talk about his life. I asked him how he maintains his infectious, positive attitude.

"I don’t know, it’s just, I just feel so blessed all the time. And it doesn’t matter what I’m going through, it doesn’t matter what I’m up against … you know, when you’ve walked out of ICU three times, it gives you confidence that you can kind of rise above a lot of things."