Skyrocketing gas prices causing ripple effect throughout economy

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Skyrocketing gas prices could end up hitting you again when you order your dinner. The rising prices at the gas station are threatening the business of pizza deliveries and other parts of the food industry that deliver.

Marks Pizzeria says the last thing it wants to do is raise its prices. The chain says a spike in the cost of gas creates a domino effect that can be an issue for not just food, but employees as well.

“When you talk about flour that we’re getting from the mid-west, or tomato-based products from California, so freight is a big issue that we’re dealing with,” Vice President of Marks Pizzeria, Marc Parina said.

With gas prices near or over four bucks a gallon. Local businesses are feeling it. Which means the prices of your favorite products could increase. Parina says passing a price increase to customers isn’t an option for them.

"We’ve gotten away from just doing a price increase across the board, and have done it more based on menu items because of costs that go into it,” Parina said.

Delivery drivers are also feeling the pinch. Marks Pizzeria says their drivers use their personal cars.

"The customers help out with the drivers, and tip them but it’s something we’re evaluating and we have to keep track and monitor and flow through with the way gas prices are as far as reimbursement goes,” Parina added.

The pandemic created supply chain issues that are still trying to recover. Parina said a hike in fuel only makes it more complicated.

"The way the supply chain has been even before, obviously the cost of gasoline, and things that have affected it the supply chain, so we’ve been seeing some price increases over the last year,” Parina said.

Marc said he’s meeting with suppliers almost daily to make sure they don’t fall short and have to resort to raising their prices.