Some local nurses ‘anxious’ ahead of Monday’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Nurses say they’re anxious, as the deadline for the first dose of the vaccine for health care workers is Monday. A few nurses in the Rochester area tell News10NBC that they don’t agree with Governor Kathy Hochul’s handling of the pandemic especially when it comes to vaccines.

"Kathy Hochul has no idea what’s going on in this institution. We’ve been working short for over two years,” Nina Fronczak says, currently a registered nurse for Rochester Regional Health.

For 23 years, Fronczak has been floating around Rochester Regional’s hospital halls and has been on the COVID floor since day one.

"It’s frustrating because no one considers natural immunity anymore, at least for this virus,” Fronczak said.

Fronczak had to choose between the jab and her job. She decided not to get the vaccine. She says she doesn’t agree with the governor’s plan to declare a state of emergency

"You’re going to pull people from other hospitals and deploy the national guard? You’re not going to fix the problem, and unfortunately even now, before we’ve hit the deadline there are so many floors that are short staffed that it’s scary."

Another RN, Nicole Hancock has worked with Fronczak for five years. She says she got the vaccine, but also stands alongside her coworkers who do not want it.

"It’s the hospital administrators too, they all could have banded together and said no. Someone needs to stand up for what’s right and this is dangerous it’s not going to work and it’s not ok. This will be detrimental for everyone,” Hancock said.

With Monday’s deadline for the first dose 48 hours away, Hancock says bottom line, this mandate will cause more harm than good.

"Did I really need it to begin with, probably not. Would I take it again, probably not. But everyone should be able to choose that for themselves.”

Governor Hochul says, she is monitoring the situation closely, and says the plan to increase the workforce will help alleviate any burdens on hospitals and heath care facilities.