Spectators weigh in on the controversy over Far West Regional Game

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WHEC) — The big controversy, Erie County allowing unvaccinated McQuaid students who tested negative for COVID-19 to play in Tuesday’s game.

It was a playoff game against Buffalo’s Bennett High School. News10NBC was there and talked to fans of both teams who had very different opinions on what went down.

Although the Tigers of Bennett High move on to the State semi-finals in Syracuse, their win wasn’t without some controversy over what they say was a double standard for them, compared to McQuaid.

The much-anticipated playoff game between the Knights and Tigers was finally allowed to go on, after being postponed last weekend. Fans of the opposing team were not too thrilled a judge ruled in McQuaid’s favor.

"Last year we had one kid with COVID-19 and they made us forfeit our game, but it seems like the rules are different for our kids than it is for their kids, and that’s not right," said Buffalo resident Edjar Ky.

Erie County officials said unvaccinated players were not allowed in Saturday’s game before it was postponed. McQuaid sued the Erie County Public Health Department, saying the decision restricted their unvaccinated players, but not the Bennett football team. Even after the judge’s ruling, some Bennett parents are still fearful of a possible COVID-19 transmission between players.

Dawn Miller, also from Buffalo said, "My grandmother is 94 years old. I live upstairs from her, and then my son that’s his great grandmother. So how do you think he’ll feel if he brought COVID-19 home to his great grandmother."

Across the field in the McQuaid cheering section, a far different attitude.

"I think all the rules were followed properly, and we had the two buses loaded with the kids and they all were COVID-19 negative on the two buses, and there’s been some accusations made that are not true, and let’s just play a football game. Let the kids play the game," said Donald Rocco from Rochester.

Bryce Schaubroeck added, "I thought there was a lot of stuff going on that was kind of unnecessary, and you just got to let the kids play football."

The Tigers certainly blew out the Knights for the entire first half of the game and ended up winning 26-14.

Dawn Miller couldn’t resist saying this, "No they shouldn’t have played, but guess what I’m happy cause look at the score."

Tuesday’s game was attended mostly by McQuaid fans. Although they left disappointed they were happy the team made it this far.