Sports Medicine specialist on Bills’ cold Wild Card game

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Meteorologists say Saturday could be one of the coldest games ever at Orchard Park and it’s the Buffalo Bills’ first playoff game of the season.

Dan Day, an Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialist with Rochester Regional Health said temperatures as low as the ones forecasted for Saturday shouldn’t have much of an impact on athletes’ performance.

"When you think of the NFL players, they’re bigger-bodied, so they have more insulation on there, both fat and muscle, so that’s going to protect them,” Day said. “A lot of those guys are going to do just fine because of that and that’s how they can get away with the sleeves, plus they’re in these elements for short periods. I mean look at the sidelines, they’ve got heated benches, heated helmet holders, they’ve got big coats. They can throw on hats, they can go inside for half-time. So they get all these breaks from the cold, and then it’s just about, they’re in the elements when they’re out there and they’ve got the body type to be able to do that."

Day said that’s not the case for fans though, so anyone headed to the game Saturday should bundle up.

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