SUNY Brockport student strangled, nearly suffocated with pillow in dorm, University Police say

BROCKPORT, N.Y. (WHEC) — A SUNY Brockport student was attacked in her dorm room on Monday.

The university’s Vice President of University Relations David Mihalyov said it started when the student invited a man who is not a student into her room. A Resident Assistant then heard the two arguing and went in to investigate. The RA ended up having to call University Police.

University Police say the man held against her will in the room with a gun. Then, police say he strangled her and nearly suffocated her with a pillow.

The victim was treated for injuries at the scene, but not taken to the hospital, according to SUNY.

"My understanding is she was looked at by EMTs at the time but did not need to go to the hospital," Mihalyov said.

The university confirmed to News10NBC that the suspect’s name is Jaylyn Foster and says he was arraigned in Brockport Village Court and taken to the Monroe County Jail for processing.

Jail records show Foster was charged with second degree criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds, second degree strangulation, third degree robbery, second degree unlawful imprisonment and criminal mischief.

The Monroe County Jail census and roster show Foster was not in the jail as of 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The university said an alert wasn’t sent out to students because the incident was "fairly brief".

Mihalyov said police responded immediately.

"[They] went into the room, asked the suspect if there’s a weapon," Mihalyov said. "The person said that there was a gun. They confiscated the gun, and they arrested the gentleman."

News10NBC’s Patrick Moussignac spoke to students on campus and asked them how the incident made them feel.

"It’s kind of scary, and especially because they didn’t tell us when it happened," said a student identified only as Jenna.

Many students found out about the incident through the news. Those who did tell News10NBC that they are not happy.

"They just told us on Wednesday, and it happened on Monday, and like, What if it was in my building? You know, and it was like right next to me?" Jenna said. "I would have never known."

"I felt uneasy about finding out all of this stuff especially because it was hidden from us, and I feel like they’re trying to sweep things under the rug and keep us in the dark," said Nia McGuire.

Mihalyov explained how SUNY Brockport decides to send out campus safety alerts.

"We did not put out a timely warning because a timely warning is meant if there is a threat to campus, and when the University Police arrived on the scene they immediately confiscated the weapon and arrested the gentleman," Mihalyov said. "So at that point, there was no threat to our campus."