Suspect named in Brittanee Drexel case denies involvement

In a statement on Wednesday, the man named as a suspect in the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel is denying involvement.

In court papers released last week, an FBI agent said he had been told by an inmate that Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor was responsible for kidnapping Drexel and had murdered her. The agent also said he had received corroborating witness testimony.

More information about the new accusations in the case

The new information as Taylor could face new charges for a 2011 robbery. In a statement released by his attorney on Wednesday, Taylor says he was not involved with Drexel at all.

"I had no involvement with anything to do with Brittanee Drexel. I don’t know Taquan Brown and I don’t know why he would call my name. I am being prosecuted again for a crime I already helped them solve and already did my time for, all because some guy in prison is trying to cut a deal. It’s not fair to be charged for the same crime twice and that’s not how our system is supposed to work."

Taylor’s attorney, David Aylor, says "The United States Congress has expressly provided that a state judgment of conviction, including one resulting from a plea agreement, shall be a bar to any subsequent federal prosecution for the same act or acts. Any attempt to do so must be approved by the appropriate Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and further, approval can only be granted upon the satisfaction of three substantive prerequisites, none of which are applicable to the instant case. This subsequent prosecution is nothing more than an attempt to squeeze Mr. Taylor for information of which he has no knowledge."

Chad Drexel, Brittanee Drexel’s father, says there is more evidence than what has been released against Taylor. He says he hopes to use that evidence and any further evidence to convict Taylor.