Suspects identified in Brittanee Drexel disappearance

A suspect or suspects have been identified in the disappearance and murder of Brittanee Drexel.

WMBF reports that Brad Conway, an attorney for the Drexel family, said he’s been told a suspect or suspects have been named in the case, but he declined to release any details.

Drexel disappeared in April 2009 at the age of 17. She traveled from New York to Myrtle Beach for Spring Break. She went to Myrtle Beach without the consent of her parents with friends and was last seen leaving a hotel on April 25, 2009. Just a few weeks ago, the FBI announced they believe Drexel is dead.

Myrtle Beach Police are looking into the possibility Drexel was the victim of human trafficking.

"We’ll look into it. Yes sir, we’ll keep all of our options open," police spokesman Lt. Joey Crosby said.

The FBI says they have evidence Drexel was held against her will in three places – Georgetown, McClellanville and North Charleston. It was in McClellanville where investigators say her cell phone pinged on a cell tower.

Crosby said investigators need one key piece of information to make an arrest.