Taking care of your lawn when Mother Nature isn’t

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GANANDA, N.Y. (WHEC) – While we’re about to get some wet weather, it might not be enough for your lawn. With all the dry weather we’ve had, yards are looking a little brown. SB Lawncare out of Gananda says this is one of the driest seasons in a while, which has also made it difficult to book jobs.

Perfectly cutting blades of grass is how Scott Bills, president of SB Lawncare makes a living, but when the weather heats up, it’s a different story.

”There’s lawns we mow on a weekly basis, but when it’s like this, you don’t too which affects your business and income,” Bills said.

Of course, a brown lawn isn’t aesthetically pleasing, so if you want shiny green grass, your lawn needs, you guessed it, water! There’s more options than just a hose.

"You can go all out and have irrigation systems, or you could use sprinklers,” Bills said.

Like a majority of things, perfection can take time. You wouldn’t think it, but there are guidelines to achieve the best-looking grass on the street.

“Either in the morning or the evening, not during the peak times of the day, because the water isn’t as effective then, but give it a good 15 or 20 min watering once or twice a day,” Bills added.

For some, that might not be realistic. Bills says it’s pretty normal that people don’t water their yards, so if that’s you, make sure you don’t feed your lawn chemicals it doesn’t need.

“You probably don’t want to do any fertilizers or different chemicals because it’s going to be too hot and dry and it will burn them out. Try not to drive your cars on them too much and don’t mow it as much, unless you need to get some weeds down.”

For those of you eager beavers, you could set yourself up for next season. You could get your lawn over-seeded to have thicker grass that would most likely be drought tolerant.