The brother of Daniel Prude asks ‘am I next?’

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — When Daniel Prude got on a train in Chicago last March to come to Rochester it was his brother Joe Prude he was coming to see and stay with.

Joe Prude was Daniel’s only relative in Rochester.

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A day after the New York State Attorney General said the grand jury decided not to indict seven Rochester police officers, Joe Prude wondered how everyone could watch police body camera video of his brother stop breathing in police custody, die a week later "and not one indictment was passed down? How do you think I feel about that system now?" Prude asked.

Attorney General Tish James announced the grand jury’s decision Tuesday.

Joe Prude, Daniel Prude’s brother: "Let that be me on the other hand, me doing that to a cop. I would have been indicted way faster than it took for them to come down with their decision."

Joe Prude was the person who called 911 last March asking for help with Daniel. He called 911 a second time after Daniel was released from Strong Hospital and ran away threatening to hurt himself.

Joe Prude was on the steps of City Hall when the death of his brother was first made public in September. Tuesday, Prude met with Attorney General James after her announcement.

Joe Prude, Daniel Prude’s brother: "She told me they did the best they could. And my response was how does the world see a black man get slaughtered in the street? And there are no repercussions behind it?"

Tuesday we spoke to the lawyers of police officers who were the targets of the grand jury investigation.

Mike Schiano, defense attorney: "The grand jury, heard the evidence There was not enough evidence to indict these officers and that’s what came out of this."

The officers are still suspended with pay. Joe Prude says he wants them fired.

Joe Prude, Daniel Prude’s brother: "Because who’s to say they ain’t going to target me now because I spoke out about it? Who’s to say I’m not next? Am I next?"