‘The next thing I knew I was airborne’ Greece hit and run survivor shares new details about the car

GREECE, N.Y. (WHEC) — The survivor of an unsolved hit and run case is telling her story.

Kristine Harris spent three weeks in the hospital and rehab. Monday, she invited News10NBC into her home and she revealed information about the car that hit her that we can report for the first time.

"What do you remember about what happened?" I asked Harris.

"Oh, I remember all of it," she said.

It was Sunday, Jan. 23. Harris went outside to snow blow her driveway on Ridgeway Avenue.

"I saw the car coming so I decided instead of turning around in the road I would do a strip going towards the mailbox," she said. "And the next thing I knew I was airborne, flying next to the mailbox, landing in the road. I turned around the saw the car swerving and take off."

Brean: "Did you notice anything about the car that hit you?"

Harris: "It was a little dark outside but I can tell it was a dark sedan. Like it was a small car."

Brean: "So it wasn’t a truck?"

Harris: "No."

Brean: "It wasn’t an SUV?"

Harris: "No."

Brean: "It was a car."

Harris: "It was a car and it was a darker color."

Harris was lying across the white fog line. She remembers trying to crawl to the snowbank but her leg, ankle and pelvis were broken.
She believes she was saved by two people. Chris Wood, who called 911 and alerted Kristine’s fiancé by ringing their doorbell, and Victoria Fox, who stayed with Harris on the road.

"With traffic coming I could feel the wind of the cars on me when they were driving by," Harris said. "So if they didn’t stop for me I feel like I would have been hit again."

Harris spent two weeks in a bed at Strong Hospital and a week at Golisano rehab at Unity Hospital.

"Freedom! Freedom!" her family cheered as Harris was wheeled out of Unity Hospital last week.

Doctors told her she’ll be in a wheelchair for 10 weeks.

Brean: "Did you feel like it was another step in your recovery?"

Harris: "Yep. I know it’s going to be long but that felt good."

Despite multiple stories we’ve done, posters asking for help on Ridgeway Avenue and a traffic checkpoint by Greece police, no video of the car has emerged and no one has been arrested.

Kristine is engaged to marry Brittany Fields next fall.

"Somebody knows the person who did it and I just hope somebody has a conscience," Fields said.

"I just focus more on myself and my recovery and getting better and trying to get back to my normal life," Harris said.