The Ski Company takes matters into own hands amid truck driver shortage

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — For weeks now we’ve been telling you about supply chain issues, caused by the shortage of truck drivers throughout the country. Thousands of freight ships full of merchandise remain at ports all over the country waiting to be offloaded.

News10NBC talked to one local business that’s taking matters into its own hands, to make sure its customers receive the products they ordered.

Before you know it ski season is here, and The Ski Company located here in Rochester has come up with a way to cut down on shipping time, on products their customers are waiting for.

Visit any retail store, and chances are they’re dealing with some supply issues. Although they’re well-stocked right now, The Ski Company on Jefferson Road is taking a proactive step to keep it that way. General Manager David Fabris explained why.

"We have a very much shorter window of opportunity to get products," Fabris said. "So we feel that we’re going to do everything we can to help out on our end to get our customers the product."

Ski season is right around the corner, and issues with the supply chain has caused major shipping delays. Fabris said the company came up with a solution.

"Within our organization, we’re utilizing our own vehicles to go in wherever we can, be a 2-way terminal on the east coast, be it directly to a vendor," Fabris said.

That’s right, the company will send its own employees to distribution sites in Vermont, New Hampshire, and all the way down to New Jersey. Fabris said shipping time can be cut down from as long as 4-weeks, to just a few days.

"If you figure that you can get the product in really a day’s turnaround time if need be versus having it maybe sit for two weeks, we’re already into the beginning of November. If we’re looking at a two-week turnaround time to get the goods in, it in real terms for us, that’s a long time," Fabris said.

Fairport resident Marge Bergkessel likes what the ski shop is doing.

"I think that’s a great service, and it’s something that a customer would highly value," Bergkessel said.

Many customers are shopping for their ski season gear, sooner rather than later.

"We came in and we were able to find some skis in stock, and boots. So everything we needed, and we’re very happy with what we could purchase here," Bergkessel said.

Fabris told News10NBC, a major portion of ski season products are shipped to the west coast. Truck drivers then haul the products east to distributors, and vendors before they finally arrive at retail stores.