The true meaning of Thanksgiving: Brothers and Sisters Unisex Salon gives away free meals

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) – For business owner Devon Bey, the Thanksgiving holiday is just one way to give back to his community.

“This is our way to show that the black men and our community are here, we’re not docile. We are ready and able to give back,” Bey said.

Bey is the owner of the Brothers and Sisters Unisex Salon on Dewey Avenue. His annual Feed the People event includes giving away free, hot Thanksgiving meals and groceries for families to cook at home.

“I’ve seen the need for food security for the youth. We are ranked second in child hunger, and ranked number one in poverty,” Bey added.

And, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His mother, Cherisse Reynolds, is also helping the cause.

“This is my first year volunteering with him as his mom because I flew in from Texas to help him,” Reynolds said. “It’s been really good; the community appreciates it.”

Amid growing violence in the area, Bey calls Dewey Avenue a food desert.

“There are not a lot of stores here that provide fresh produce for the community,” Bey said. “We are being attacked by high blood pressure, cancer…diabetes. If we can eat to live we can really change and shift the health paradigm that we’re facing right now.”

Beyond feeling thankful on Thanksgiving, Bey is hopeful to change the direction of Dewey Avenue.

“Pressure breaks pipe. We are under a lot of scrutiny right now, which is the perfect time to come together and events like this brings community together,” Bey said.