‘Twitter I need your help’ Bills receiver Diggs calls on fans to help get fan a beer after spilling it in celebration

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WHEC) — Often, it’s Buffalo Bills fans calling on wide receiver Stefon Diggs for help, and he usually delivers. Now, the star wideout is calling on the fans for some help after spilling a fan’s beer during a touchdown celebration Sunday afternoon.

You read that right.

In the second quarter of Buffalo’s 31-14 win over the Carolina Panthers, Diggs caught and dove in for a beauty of a touchdown pass from quarterback Josh Allen to put the Bills up two scores early, and that’s when the celebration happened. Diggs, ever the man of the people, spiked the ball, and then headed towards the stands to celebrate with his teammates, and of course, the fans.

With the camera on him, Diggs and offensive lineman Spencer Brown could be seen reaching toward the fan, with Diggs shaking, and spilling the can. What resulted was a shower of suds, with beer flowing through the air like champagne during a championship celebration.

Cool to look at, but the beer cost $15. Realizing the fun came with a cost, Diggs turned to another form of fan reach out: Twitter.

"So me and a friend of mine had a lil too much fun. Spilt this poor man’s beer? Find him for me wanna buy him one" Diggs Tweeted after the game. The Tweet included a picture of the celebration, beer and all.

But it wasn’t just Diggs getting in on the effort, as Labatt Brewing entered the chat after being prompted by a fan.

"If we can find him, we’ll take care of him. If anyone knows him, point him our way!"

It’s not clear if Diggs, or Labatt have found the fan, so if you recognize him in any way, you know who to contact. Oh yeah, here’s a Tweet Diggs had of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Buffalo (8-6) travels to New England to take on the Patriots for the battle of who claims in the AFC East. Beer showers included.