Union: Multiple officers at Orleans Correctional Facility injured during several incidents last week

ALBION, N.Y. (WHEC) — Multiple corrections officers at the Orleans Correctional Facility were injured while attempting to stop inmate fights last week, the union representing them says.

The New York State Corrections Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA) said there were several fights over the course of two days, and during one, an inmate kicked an officer in the head, concussing them and fracturing their left eye. That officer went to the hospital.

One of the fights happened on Wednesday, April 13 while corrections officers were moving inmates from classroom to classroom, and three of them allegedly began to fight and ignored orders to stop. While the fight was happening, the union said a fourth inmate attempted to enter the fray, but officers forced the inmate to the ground and put them in handcuffs.

The union says staff administered OC spray twice to get the inmates to comply, and four officers sustained injuries from stopping the fight: One had a cut on his finger and shoulder pain, and the rest were scraped up. They were able to stay on duty after medical staff treated them.

Those four inmates are facing disciplinary charges.

Then, Thursday, the union says nine officers were injured in separate incidents.

The first happened during an escort. The union says an inmate became combative, and continued to fight officers even after they put the inmate in a body hold and used OC spray. Four officers were hurt, two of which were taken to the hospital for knee, wrist and forearm injuries, the union said.

Later that day, the union says, three inmates began fighting in a classroom and did not comply with orders to stop fighting, and officers had to use OC spray multiple times before the inmates were placed in handcuffs and removed from the classroom.

Two officers were injured and several were exposed to OC spray, but all of them were treated on-site and were able to stay on duty. The inmates involved are facing disciplinary charges.

Less than an hour later, the union says an officer was kicked above the eye after they told an inmate to sit back down. Two other officers sustained wrist and knee injuries while containing the inmate. That inmate was transferred to Attica Correctional Facility.