Van Gogh Experience comes to Rochester

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HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WHEC) — A popular international traveling exhibit is finally making a stop here in Rochester.

This three-dimensional Van Gogh experience has already sold millions of tickets worldwide. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or simply just appreciate beautiful masterpieces.

The Dome Arena in Henrietta will turn into a Van Gogh kaleidoscope full of morphing colorful pictures that’ll take your breath away.

“This is immersive room where you will see all the 350 paintings,” said David Taylor, promoter for the Beyond Van Gogh Immersive Experience. “We have 35-foot ceilings. The images will flow onto the floor, as well.”

World-renowned pieces like Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" will come to life right in front of your eyes.

“This is more of an entertainment experience. You’ll have music that goes over the paintings. It’s such a unique way to see paintings and art. We get a lot of people that come in that don’t go to museums who came in and are just blown away, and a lot of people get emotional at it,” Taylor said.

Organizers say this exhibit is meant to help people understand and appreciate Van Gogh’s work—a man who suffered from mental illness ultimately taking his life at a young age.

“Van Gogh died at a very young age. He was suffering from mental illness, but while he was doing that, he was a genius and created all these paintings in a very short time. He changed the way that paintings were done and perceived. People just come in and get so immersed in the paintings and the music and the emotion of it all,” Taylor said.

As a new way to experience art, organizers hope that attendees become part of the masterpieces…and not just looking at a static painting on the wall.

“It’s on the walls, it’s on the floors. It literally becomes a breathing piece of art,” Taylor added.

The Beyond Van Gogh Immersive Exhibit begins this weekend and ends on March 20. Tickets must be purchased online.