Vickers indicted by grand jury in shooting death of Officer Mazurkiewicz

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — Less than a week after the murder of RPD Officer Tony Mazurkiewicz, Kelvin Vickers was officially indicted on Wednesday. The official charges are unknown until the grand jury rises, but the actions Wednesday are enough to keep Vickers in jail.

Monroe County grand juries usually rise on Fridays but this one might be delayed until after the funeral for Officer Mazurkiewicz next Monday.

That’s possible because of what the district attorney said after she came out of city court.

Sandra Doorley, Monroe County District Attorney: “And now I am going to consult with the family and the Rochester Police Department as to when this grand jury shall rise. I want to be respectful to RPD and to obviously Officer Mazurkiewicz’s family.”

Brean: “So by that you’re saying maybe after the funeral next Monday?”

SD: “Again, that’s something I want to discuss with the family and the Rochester Police Department.”

Judge LaToya Lee would not let our camera inside the courtroom today. Judge Van White did when Kelvin Vickers was arraigned Saturday morning. Vickers was dressed in the same pink jail jumpsuit that he was in Saturday. The sheriff’s office says that indicates Vickers is under constant supervision.

RPD charged Vickers with murder, attempted murder, gun possession and assault after Thursday night’s killing of Mazurkiewicz and the shooting of his partner, Seng.
Vickers was born and raised near Boston and just got released from prison in Massachusetts on May 24th.

Brean: “Did he come here because he’s got family here? Was he trying to escape the violence in Massachusetts or what? How did he end up here and why?”

Doorley: “Berkeley, I can’t speak to specifics. All I know was that Mr. Vickers, the defendant in this matter appeared to have been released from the Department of Corrections in Massachusetts on May 24th of 2022. And obviously shortly thereafter he made his way to Rochester.”

Brean: “Why?”

SD: “That I’m not going to comment at this time.

Brean: “Is the reason he was here pertinent to the case at all?”

Doorley: “Again, there are a lot of facts that will come out during the course of the trial and I really can’t speak to them at this moment. There are a lot of other facts that will come out when this case is finally tried before a jury.”

The sheriff’s office says Vickers has not received a single visitor, excluding lawyers, or received a single phone call since he was jailed Thursday night.

His public defender declined to talk on camera. His defense lawyer in Fall River, Massachusetts, where he was convicted of a gun possession crime in early 2020 declined as well.

The next time we’ll see Vickers is in county or supreme court when he has the opportunity to plead not guilty to the grand jury indictment.